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Albion Online Released Patch 1.0.319 For Galahad Update

Since the Galahad update has recently just been launched for four weeks, Albion Online have been very busy with updating new patch for the new content. The latest title to join the spotlight is the Version 1.0.319. Here are the details:


Updated Marketplace
    Direct selling now requires a confirmation (that can be disabled).
    Switching to the Complete-tab now resets the search filter.
Reputation Changes
    Increased reputation gain from PvE by 33%, unless the player is suspicious where it is increased by 50% and nefarious/dreaded levels where it is increased by 100%.
    Lowered reputation attack penalties by 50%.
    Lowered reputation knockdown penalties by 50%.
Combat Changes
       Damage Buff Cap: 200% -> 150%
       Invisibility spells make you invisible to all players now, including allies. (Makes it impossible to cast buffs like Arcane Beam on invisible allies.)
    Empower Beam:
       Max damage decrease: 140% -> 100%
       First tick damage buff: 50% -> 20%
       Max damage decrease: 60% -> 50%
       Initial damage decrease on activation: 15% -> 5%
    Slit Throat:
       Damage is now split into instant damage (60%) and damage over time (40%) - Total damage output stays the same
       Cast Time: 0.4s -> 0.6s
Reduced amount of fame and silver gained in red zone by 10%.
Increased amount of fame and silver gained in outlands by 10%.
Increased amount of fame gained in hellgates by 10%.
The Keeper Seer, Boss of the Expert's Sellsword Keeper Expedition (Tier 6), will now use his lightning storm if there are no more allies around or his own health has dropped to 50%.
The Morgana Demon Prince's lost purse has been found. Now he will drop silver again after being killed.
Updated focus costs for meals, potions and related craftables to match latest balance.
Increased the amount of fame gained from studying from 1x crafting fame to 2x crafting fame. This ensures that crafting with focus can turn a market profit in the long run.
Added and fixed a lot of localization issues for all languages.


Fixed an issue where player inspection would not show gear.
Fixed an issue where mount Gallop would stop for no reason.
Fixed an issue where you were unintentionally recovered 1000 reputation per day while at suspicious level. Recovery is now 0 at suspicious level as originally intended.
Fixed the item value for Royal armor sets according to enchanted items. This change also affects and balances the repair costs.
Fixed an issue where the displayed item power didn't include the mastery level bonus.
Fixed an issue where crafting gatherer gear does not count towards filling the Toolmaker's Journal.
Fixed an issue where Royal Gear had wrong crafting recipes.
Replaced the placeholder icon for furniture chests.
Fixed an issue where the whisper channel was not activated in the help chat by default.
Fixed an issue where Novice, Beginner and Journeyman potions and meals (and bread) were not benefitting from focus cost reduction bonuses from the Destiny Board.
Fixed an issue where the indicated area for undead soldiers channeling spell wasn't right.
Fixed an issue where after scheduling a GvG fight, it was still possible to click the attack button.
Fixed an issue where the guild Attack Schedule would not update properly after scheduling an attack.
Fixed an issue where the mini-worldmap would not properly display current location.

More news about other future patches that may be released for Galahad update should be made available in the near future. Be sure to stay tuned at for more.

The Albion Online Galahad Update Has Improved The Game

Sandbox Interactive, the developer of cross-platform sandbox MMORPG Albion Online, just announced that after a successful closed beta start, they have now launched the last big major content update, 'Galahad'.

This update unveils the tremendous work of the entire game development team, team that did not hesitate to put the little dishes in the big.

The update has improved the game thanks to the revamp of the virtual world, the introduction of the expedition, to the new interface, improvements to PvE and new biomes citizens (six in total: Swamp City, Forest City, Highland City, Mountain City, Steppe and the Royal City Central City).

Recall that Albion Online is currently in the final beta. Galahad is the last big update before the final launch which will take place in July. As we all know, to buy Albion Online gold can help you fully enjoy the game. Get more news from our website:

Albion Online: Galahad Available For All, New AMA on Reddit

Since the update Galahad is live for all players who own the title, after 48 hours of early access to the Legendary Founder and Epic Founder.

So now you can start your adventure in the lands of Albion with a new character, since the wipe of PG. Galahad is the last major update before the final launch which will take place in July.

Meanwhile the Sandbox Interactive team has undergone a new AMA on Reddit. From the session of questions and answers are outputs of interesting information, from business model to the making of solo PvP.

Here are the main answers:

  • There are plans for a free weekend or a free trial, a bit 'equity against the founder who had faith in Albion online and a little' for performance issues. "The game is extremely populated as it is, and we fear that a free trial could slow servers".
  • Similarly, developers will keep their promise to reward the founder with the early access, although this could potentially lead to a race to the best of land placings as a success for ArcheAge.
  • Developers have declared to have a self-balancing system to keep under control the inflation of equipment, a problem that will be solved in part by the fact that the objects will degrade and eventually destroy it, thus leading to a continuous recycling (and the need new equip).
  • In response to players who feared a possible drift pay to win, Sandbox Interactive explained that the business model of the game is inspired by that of EVE Online players can gain an advantage by purchasing yes and then changing real money for in-game currency, but this will not guarantee the players to win. As regards the currency exchange, it should be possible to play on the market.
  • Just like in EVE, even Albion will present a single global server. "We chose the location of our servers so that America, Europe and Russia get a good table. The combat system in the game is not hectic as that of League of Legends or Dota, then you can safely play with ping of 150. But 95% of our players are under that threshold. "
  • In the game you can only play the role of chefs and farmers, even if the crops are set to grow every day.
  • After the initial launch, the developers expect that players will engage in the economy, in the wars between guilds, in PvE content, in the continuation of PG ( "it is virtually impossible maxare everything") and in the various types of PvP.
  • In this regard the lone PvP is possible in the game, but "is certainly one of the activities with the highest skill cap."
  • Fishing will come in the game. Other content of marine type are still in doubt.
  • It is expected to revamp the character models ahead of the launch.

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The Respawning Places In Albion Online

Do you know how to travel in Albion Online or the places you can respawn at in the special world once you died in game? Here we'll tell you some details you should know while playing Albion Online.

Albion Online testers have added Fast travel to the game according to the players' feedback. Though implemented as a way of reducing frustration from long-distance travel across the world, fast travelling in Albion Online won’t be an “easy” way of getting around the world, and will initially be limited to safe cities and hubs.

However, fast travel is currently possible only over water, and thus will be allowed between two cities which have harbors. Fast travel will also cost a fair amount of money, as the captains won’t insure your goods for nothing on the journey. The cost of fast travel will go up significantly as your load weight increases, so it won’t always be a feasible alternative to travelling on foot or horseback!

In the past, once a player died anywhere in the world, they would respawn at King's Market, the starting hub city. This causes players need to walks through several dangerous and long regions of Albion.

Nowadays players can choose a number of locations at which to respawn, giving them the option to make those corpse runs a little easier.

When players die, they will be able to choose a location to respawn at from a list. This can be one of the following:

  • Nearest city or hub
  • Nearest exit (when death occurs in a safe PvE zone)
  • Nearest Territory or guild-owned city
  • Player house declared as a residence

In addition, a territory belonging to your guild could now be a respawn point. Players will be able to revoke and switch their residencies as they decide to, customizing their respawn location list tactically depending on their location and circumstances.

Be sure to have your closest respawn locations active, so you can attempt to run to grab your loot if you're killed since this might well be something players make great use of as they battle their way around Albion.

Hope these tips can help you enjoy the game. Once you need enough Albion Online gold, come to and we'll never let you down.