Albion Online: Galahad Available For All, New AMA on Reddit

Since the update Galahad is live for all players who own the title, after 48 hours of early access to the Legendary Founder and Epic Founder.

So now you can start your adventure in the lands of Albion with a new character, since the wipe of PG. Galahad is the last major update before the final launch which will take place in July.

Meanwhile the Sandbox Interactive team has undergone a new AMA on Reddit. From the session of questions and answers are outputs of interesting information, from business model to the making of solo PvP.

Here are the main answers:

  • There are plans for a free weekend or a free trial, a bit 'equity against the founder who had faith in Albion online and a little' for performance issues. "The game is extremely populated as it is, and we fear that a free trial could slow servers".
  • Similarly, developers will keep their promise to reward the founder with the early access, although this could potentially lead to a race to the best of land placings as a success for ArcheAge.
  • Developers have declared to have a self-balancing system to keep under control the inflation of equipment, a problem that will be solved in part by the fact that the objects will degrade and eventually destroy it, thus leading to a continuous recycling (and the need new equip).
  • In response to players who feared a possible drift pay to win, Sandbox Interactive explained that the business model of the game is inspired by that of EVE Online players can gain an advantage by purchasing yes and then changing real money for in-game currency, but this will not guarantee the players to win. As regards the currency exchange, it should be possible to play on the market.
  • Just like in EVE, even Albion will present a single global server. "We chose the location of our servers so that America, Europe and Russia get a good table. The combat system in the game is not hectic as that of League of Legends or Dota, then you can safely play with ping of 150. But 95% of our players are under that threshold. "
  • In the game you can only play the role of chefs and farmers, even if the crops are set to grow every day.
  • After the initial launch, the developers expect that players will engage in the economy, in the wars between guilds, in PvE content, in the continuation of PG ( "it is virtually impossible maxare everything") and in the various types of PvP.
  • In this regard the lone PvP is possible in the game, but "is certainly one of the activities with the highest skill cap."
  • Fishing will come in the game. Other content of marine type are still in doubt.
  • It is expected to revamp the character models ahead of the launch.

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