The Respawning Places In Albion Online

Do you know how to travel in Albion Online or the places you can respawn at in the special world once you died in game? Here we'll tell you some details you should know while playing Albion Online.

Albion Online testers have added Fast travel to the game according to the players' feedback. Though implemented as a way of reducing frustration from long-distance travel across the world, fast travelling in Albion Online won’t be an “easy” way of getting around the world, and will initially be limited to safe cities and hubs.

However, fast travel is currently possible only over water, and thus will be allowed between two cities which have harbors. Fast travel will also cost a fair amount of money, as the captains won’t insure your goods for nothing on the journey. The cost of fast travel will go up significantly as your load weight increases, so it won’t always be a feasible alternative to travelling on foot or horseback!

In the past, once a player died anywhere in the world, they would respawn at King's Market, the starting hub city. This causes players need to walks through several dangerous and long regions of Albion.

Nowadays players can choose a number of locations at which to respawn, giving them the option to make those corpse runs a little easier.

When players die, they will be able to choose a location to respawn at from a list. This can be one of the following:

  • Nearest city or hub
  • Nearest exit (when death occurs in a safe PvE zone)
  • Nearest Territory or guild-owned city
  • Player house declared as a residence

In addition, a territory belonging to your guild could now be a respawn point. Players will be able to revoke and switch their residencies as they decide to, customizing their respawn location list tactically depending on their location and circumstances.

Be sure to have your closest respawn locations active, so you can attempt to run to grab your loot if you're killed since this might well be something players make great use of as they battle their way around Albion.

Hope these tips can help you enjoy the game. Once you need enough Albion Online gold, come to and we'll never let you down.